Ignitis On: turning the Baltics into an EV forerunner

Ignitis supplies electricity and gas to 1.6 million business and private customers in Lithuania. The company currently operates both directly and through its subsidiaries in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Finland.

On a mission to transform energy in the Baltics, it was recently ranked the most sustainable energy brand in Lithuania. Committed to creating a sustainable lifestyle, the company provides electric vehicle solutions through its Ignitis On brand.

One-stop-shop for EV charging, for drivers and businesses alike

A pioneer in e-mobility in Lithuania, Ignitis On has the mission to become the most reliable and convenient charging network in Lithuania. To make it happen, they collaborate with municipalities, private businesses, restaurants, car dealerships, supermarkets, and hotels, to keep EVs charged on the go.

Choosing the right charging option for the home or business can be daunting. Ignitis On is a go-to place for EV charging solutions whether you are an individual driver, housing manager, city planner, or business owner. The company offers everything from the infrastructure and installation of the charging equipment to software and charging services.

Andrius Šeršniovas – Emobility product owner at Ignitis – and his team work closely with the customers to equip them with chargers that match their needs. The crew on the ground carries out the installation to prolong the lifespan of the chargers and make sure they are safe to use.

Ignitis & Plugsurfing

Ignitis partnered with Charge & Drive (now Plugsurfing) five years ago after extensive research into charging management providers. The key reason for the partnership was our charging management system – formerly known as CDMC – that offered the latest technology and best price-performance ratio.

Ignitis On continues to use the Plugsurfing Power Platform to manage its growing network of charging stations. Many EV drivers, especially ones that don’t have access to home charging, rely on public chargers to keep their batteries charged. For them, there is nothing worse than not being able to find a functioning charging station. The Power Platform allows monitoring the availability of charging stations in real-time and offers insights into usage statistics. Using the tariff management system, the charging point operator can adjust prices according to the usage and time of day.

Charging at home and on the go

Ignitis aims to enable EV drivers to charge their cars wherever they are. Owners of private houses and residents in some multi-unit buildings can choose from wall boxes and ground-mounted charging stations with power between 3.7 and 22 kW. Drivers can also take advantage of the Ignitis fast chargers installed in city centers, next to highways, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, and offices. They can discover and access compatible charging stations using the Ignitis On charging app, developed by Plugsurfing.

With 82 stations and 223 connectors, Ignitis On is currently the largest EV fast-charging network in Lithuania. Most of the chargers serve drivers in and around Vilnius.

Ignitis has plans to roll out charging stations across Lithuania, covering major cities and rural areas. Their vision is to have at least one fast-charging station every 30 to 50 kilometers by 2030, which will allow people to travel throughout the country with ease. It comes right in time for the EV drivers to take advantage of Via Baltica and compete in the Lithuanian EV rally.

Bringing the EV community together

Every summer, Ignitis sponsors the only EV rally competition in the Baltics. In 2021, the rally took place for the 7th year in a row. Participants compete to cover as many kilometers as possible in six hours. The challenge underlines the nuances of driving an EV long distances: the temptation to speed is countered by the reality that driving fast depletes the battery. The sweet spot of balancing speed and efficiency for electric cars is driving between 90 and 110 km/hour.

The event brings together the EV community and offers a perfect opportunity to showcase the latest electric cars and technologies. It also helps dispel myths that EVs have limited range, can’t drive long distances, or that infrastructure is not ready to support them.

The rally wouldn’t be possible without the functioning charging network behind the scenes. Together with Ignitis and other charging point operators, we make it happen.