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On-the-go EV charging just got easier

The plugsurfing app

Transparent, predictable costs
How much it costs to charge depends on the charge point operator. With Plugsurfing, you’ll get a transparent view of each station’s tariffs, helping you to plan and predict your journey.
Pay your way and tap to start
Order your own charging card or key to access any charging station across Europe. Tap the station and start your session!
Find the ideal charging station
We’ll guide you to the right station with up-to-date information like cost, compatibility and availability.

Born in 2012 and still growing

Our mission has always been to make EV charging easy. We’re still designing and adding features to keep you happy on the road.

The public charging app for any road

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, we’re all about giving you the same smooth charging and payment experience on the road as you have at home.

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