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AFIR — More EV chargers on Europe’s main roads — How does this affect you? Read the story CPO Stories AFIR brings more EV chargers on Europe’s main roads

Starting in 2025, AFIR will set minimum fast-charging requirements on Europe's main highway network, the TEN-T. Learn how this will affect EV drivers. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind this massive buildup, where and when the new chargers will be installed, and how this will be funded.

An interview with Sofia Diakhate, Plugsurfing’s Chief Operating Officer Read the story CPO Stories Sofia Diakhate: “Nobody cares about EV charging”

Plugsurfing COO Sofia Diakhate wants to debunk myths surrounding electric cars and help Europe attract more green transition jobs and companies. We sat down with Sofia to discuss the big picture of EV charging.

Access Tesla Superchargers with Polestar Charge Read the story Driver stories Access Tesla Superchargers with Polestar Charge

We’re excited to announce the new Polestar Charge app. Complete with a wide-ranging subscription option and access to the Tesla Supercharger network, it gives Polestar drivers some exclusive perks.

An EV charge card is a convenient and reliable way to charge your electric car Read the story Driver stories What is an EV charging card and how to get one

Having a charging card makes topping up your EV battery easy as pie. With the Plugsurfing charging card, you can just tap your card at the charger and let the energy flow. Learn how an EV charging card works, why to use one, and where to order this indispensable piece of plastic.

AC vs DC: How does EV charging work? Read the story Driver stories AC vs DC: How does EV charging work?

Whether you need to charge while running errands in the city or driving on the highway, you’ll find the most suitable chargers in the Plugsurfing app. In this guide, we’ll show you how the main charger types differ from one another, and what affects your charging speed.

Year in review 2023 with Xenia Antipova, Head of Product at Plugsurfing Read the story CPO Stories Plugsurfing 2023 review & 2024 plans with Xenia Antipova

Plugsurfing’s Head of Product Xenia explains what we achieved last year and what we’re doing in 2024 to bring value to our drivers and partners alike.

10% discount at Powerdot. Preferred operators have a star on the pins on the map. Read the story CPO Stories Try the preferred operators, get a 10% discount at Powerdot

Our new Preferred Operators feature lets you highlight your favorite charge point operators on the charging map. To test this feature, our charging partner Powerdot is giving you a 10 percent discount from 15th to 31st December 2023.

Read the story Driver stories Plan your route & charging stops at 650,000 charge points with Plugsurfing

There’s no more need to use a separate app for planning where to charge on your way. After a long wait, we’re excited to introduce our latest feature: Plan your route and charging stops. Learn how we can help you power your trips, whether you’re going to a neighboring city or driving across the continent.

Read the story CPO Stories Charge conveniently in 27 European countries

We partner with more than 500 international and local operators. This way drivers, carmakers, and emobility service providers can access over 650,000 charge points in 27 European countries. But what does this in practice?