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Sales team

Our Leadership team

Building an alliance across different industries is a big job. But when you truly believe in what you’re doing, it’s a journey worth making. We’re proud to lead the team that’s making emobility mainstream – better for the earth, better for everyone.
Sofia  Diakhate
Sofia Diakhate
Chief Operating Officer
William Gill
William Gill
Chief Product & Technology Officer
Mikko Karhu
Mikko Karhu
Chief Financial Officer
Tatu Kulla
Tatu Kulla
CEO, Managing Director
Jaakko Niemi
Jaakko Niemi
Chief People & Culture Officer
Megan  Pini
Megan Pini
Chief Marketing Officer, Managing Director
Michael  Warner
Michael Warner
Chief Sales Officer
Mattias  Ångström
Mattias Ångström
Chief Strategy Officer

We want to bring back the pure joy of being on the road by making EV charging easy.

Our sales team

Meet the team that’s ready to help your team. Together we can make charging easy to find, use and love.
Matias Ahlblad
Senior Sales Manager
Jesica Bulla
Partnership Manager
Thomas Follain
Sales Support
Mathieu Happiette
Partnership Manager
Andrey Khurri
Technical Sales Lead
Frank Lauenstein
Senior Sales Manager
Denis Le Bras
Key Account Manager
Bettina Riekenberg
Senior Partnership Manager
Benjamin Rinner
Strategic CPO Partnerships
Bogdan Teohari
Technical Sales Specialist

Our marketing team

Meet our people in charge or Plugsurfing marketing and communications
Alejandra Cobos
Marketing Trainee
Karolina Mosiadz
Growth Marketer

Our operations team

Meet our dedicated operations team members
Angelica Espinosa
POI Manager
Johanna Ilomäki
Customer Success Manager
Phillip Jorgensen
Customer Excellence Lead
Axel Pettersson
Customer Success Management Lead
Robert Wedig
Product support specialist

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