Roam with us

Open your network to carmakers, fleets, and over 2 million EV drivers across Europe

By roaming with us, you’ll reach more drivers. There are more than 2 million of them using the Plugsurfing network. In addition, we partner with some of the most iconic car brands and biggest fleets, creating unique opportunities to highlight your charging network.

Join the Plugsurfing charging network

1 million+ monthly charging sessions
Our network is used extensively. In December 2023, we processed over a million charging sessions, and this continues to trend upward.
2 million+ users
Through mobile apps, charging cards, and in-car navigation systems, our charging network reaches over 2 million EV drivers in Europe. Help them discover your chargers.
700,000+ charge points
In 2023, we went from 350K to 600K charge points. We work together with 500+ international and local charge point operators to grow our charging network even further.
27 European countries
With 79 percent roaming coverage across Europe, our drivers can enjoy convenient, reliable public charging wherever they go.

Convenient charging at home and abroad

Plugsurfing doesn’t own or operate any charging infrastructure. Instead, we work with our roaming partners to combine all the charging networks into one user touchpoint. We take care of customer support, issue resolution, and payments to ensure the same user experience at home and abroad.

Drivers charging with the Plugsurfing app are only the tip of the iceberg

Companies that live and breathe emobility have built their EV charging solution around the Plugsurfing network. You can find the Plugsurfing network in some innovative solutions that power a whole new kind of mobility. Car-sharing companies, parking payment apps, and even charge point operators are building new things, using our developer tools.

These carmakers are already using our network

Get drivers from car makers and business fleets

Some of the top car makers in the world give their drivers access to our network via branded charging apps or in-vehicle systems. Many of the biggest firms in the EU and UK are working with our sister brands Travelcard and Allstar, meaning some of the largest professional EV fleets in Europe charge exclusively on the Plugsurfing network.

Why roam with us?

Payments and support
Focus on keeping your chargers up and running, let us worry about the end user. We take the credit risk and our experienced team handles payment collection and customer support.
The power of fleets
Our corporate parent Fleetcor helps some of the biggest companies in the EU and the UK handle payments for fuel and EV charging. And when it comes to charging, everything goes through the Plugsurfing network.
One contractual relationship
When you roam with us, you don’t need to forge and manage relationships with dozens of emobility firms. Open your network and get what’s yours with a single invoice.
These brands have already joined our network

Maximize your network usage through roaming

Don’t let your chargers stand idly. By allowing roaming through the Plugsurfing network, you’ll get more use out of the infrastructure you already have.

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