Plugsurfing, the emobility alliance

Together 💕 we’re bridging hardware and software to make emobility mainstream

A journey towards the consolidation of the EV charging industry

Our history and partners have equipped us with the skills to lead the future of car charging. We believe the best customer experience is created by connecting charge points to the drivers’ favorite applications and navigation systems. Plugsurfing is creating the software tools that will make emobility joyful for all.

Plugsurfing in brief

The broadest charging network
We have the largest network of electric car charging stations across Europe. Our charge point operator (CPO) partners cover all EU countries with over 700 000 charging points, letting you drive on through Europe.
The alliance of emobility
Since starting as a small charging app, we’ve formed hundreds of partnerships with other industry pioneers. Together we’ve built a growing ecosystem where charge point operators (CPOs), car manufacturers (OEMs) and drivers across Europe all benefit from each other.
The biggest user base in Europe
Over the past 10 years, we’ve attracted a large user base for the app. Over two million drivers already trust Plugsurfing to help them charge on their business and leisure travels across Europe.
Our platform is built around key products that make charging delightfully easy . Our solutions reduce market fragmentation, support operational efficiency for charge point operators and improve the charging experience for electric vehicle drivers.


Grow your network efficiently


Integrate EV charging into your brand


Simplify public charging on the go


The purpose-built charging management platform