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Read the story Driver stories Plugsurfing Version 7: A whole new foundation for the future of electric mobility

Late last year, we released Version 7 of the Plugsurfing app. We have rethought the platform's architecture from the ground up to ensure we are ready for the future. Version 7 doubles down on the basics by providing drivers the information they need to charge quickly and reliably while improving features like app navigation.

Read the story Driver stories Putting freedom back in the hands of the driver: an interview with Will Gill, Plugsurfing CPTO

Our team is working hard to deliver the future of emobility, and our Chief Product and Technology Officer Will Gill is building the technology to shape that future. He also drives an EV, giving him a deeper understanding of the innovations drivers need in the space. Plugsurfing Communications Manager Maxwell Philp recently chatted with Will about his experience driving an EV and what’s needed to bring the industry, and public charging, to the next level.

Winter driving tips & tricks Read the story Driver stories Plugsurfing’s tips and tricks for winter

In Europe, temperatures are already dropping below freezing. For EV drivers, cold temperatures pose some novel challenges for both daily driving and longer journeys. Low temperatures can negatively impact range and charging capacity, and drivers need to take extra considerations into account when winter hits. If you recently bought or rented an EV and are hitting the wintry road for the first time on electricity, the Plugsurfing team has got your back.

From Berlin to Stockholm in a Polestar Read the story Driver stories From Berlin to Stockholm in a Polestar 2

To go on a road trip without a plan is the ultimate freedom that people crave from a car. There is a certain charm in jumping in a car without a destination in mind and seeing where the journey will take you.

Read the story CPO Stories Plugsurfing is the alliance of emobility that transforms charging.

In 2012, when Plugsurfing first entered the market, electric cars were few and far between. Public charging was much more fragmented than the way it is now, so going for a trip outside town in an EV required careful planning.