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How to prepare for a summer road trip with an EV Read the story Driver stories How to prepare for a summer road trip with an EV

The experienced EV road trippers at Plugsurfing share their pro tips. Learn how to prepare for the journey, choose chargers, avoid queues and make the most of waiting time.

EV Charging session troubleshooting Read the story CPO Stories EV charging session troubleshooting — 6 easy fixes to quickly solve your problem.

Charging your electric vehicle in public may seem confusing at times. To help you understand what’s the problem and how to fix it, we’ve prepared this step-by-step guide.

Read the story CPO Stories Evolving with the industry – An interview with Marcus Daleke Henriksson

How to evolve within your industry and make an impact? We sat down with Marcus Daleke Henriksson to understand the early days of EV charging and what's to come next.

Read the story CPO Stories Creating a positive experience – An interview with Milena Lateva

Our Partner & Service Manager Milena Lateva helps improve the support processes and improve our product with customer feedback. Learn how she does it!

Read the story CPO Stories Continuing innovation – An interview with Tom Rowlands

In 2022, Plugsurfing was acquired by FleetCor. We sat with Tom Rowlands, FleetCor's Global EV Solutions Managing Director. He sees that working together can help companies meet their goals and achieve big changes in the electric vehicle space.

Read the story CPO Stories Looking back at 2022: A foundation for the electric future

What a year it has been. When we look back on 2022, we see progress. The year opened just after we migrated our products and services to the Plugsurfing Power Platform, our new foundation for a future of emobility based on partnerships and innovation.

Read the story CPO Stories How to improve the EV ecosystem with data: A conversation with Data Analyst Teodor Sundberg

Data sits at the heart of any digital ecosystem, forming the basis of communication between systems and providing users with critical information. Plugsurfing Data Analyst Teodor Sundberg has shared the data trends he sees driving developments in the emobility ecosystem.

Read the story CPO Stories Laying the foundation for emobility: Germany’s Masterplan II for charging infrastructure

No country stands for a premium car experience more than Germany. To untangle the webs hindering the rollout of charge points in the country, Germany’s (relatively) new liberal governing coalition released its revamped Masterplan II in October. The secret sauce? Alliance thinking.

Read the story Driver stories Creating the EV driver experience for mass adoption: An interview with Ro Purushotham

The adoption of EVs is picking up, and the EV drivers of tomorrow have different expectations from early adopters. Ro Purushotham, Principal Product Manager at Plugsurfing has shared how he’s leading Plugsurfing’s development to meet the changing expectations of drivers.