Plugsurfing ️ CarPlay - Find chargers on your car’s dashboard

Apple’s CarPlay is the smarter, safer way to use your iPhone when driving. Instead of reaching for your phone whenever you need to make a call, receive a message, or change the song, you can use your car’s dashboard to do these things. And with the new CarPlay version of the Plugsurfing app, you can now find your next charging stop.

Navigate safely to your next charger

Our job at Plugsurfing is to make charging your car easy and intuitive. Whether that’s better filters to find chargers matching your preferences or planning your route based on your remaining battery, we’ve got you covered. And now, we want to bring this convenience directly to your car’s dashboard.

Since our route planner feature launched, we’ve been working on a way to make it even better. With the new CarPlay version of the Plugsurfing app, you can edit your planned route and take this updated route to your navigation app without touching your phone.


What can you do in Plugsurfing’s CarPlay version?

Open the Plugsurfing app in your CarPlay to conveniently filter and find charging locations near you or along your route:

  • Charging map: See your nearby charging locations, complete with real-time availability, pricing details, power, and supported plug types.
  • Filter chargers: Select which charge points we show you, e.g. only fast DC chargers.
  • Show and edit route: Display the pre-calculated route with charging stops on the way. Enter the updated battery level to recalculate your route.
  • Connect navigation: Send an individual charging location or your entire route to your turn-by-turn navigation app, e.g. Apple Maps.

What you can’t do in CarPlay

To make CarPlay something you can easily use on the road, we decided to keep it light and not overload it with features. That’s why there are still features that are only available via your phone or charging card:

  • New route: The CarPlay version doesn’t let you enter a new destination and create a new route. Launch the route planner in the Plugsurfing mobile app to set a new destination.
  • Charging: You can’t launch a charging session in the CarPlay app. Charge with your mobile app or charging card.
  • Account: You don’t need to edit account settings while you drive. That’s why they’re only available in the mobile app.

Convenience and safety for Plugsurfers using an iPhone

Although most smartphones in the world run on the Android operating system, our drivers seem to be taking a different route. According to our latest data, 75 percent of Plugsurfers use an iPhone, making the CarPlay integration a welcome addition to a huge number of EV drivers.

Using a smartphone while driving is a big safety issue. With your attention on the little screen, you can easily get distracted from the things happening on the road.

Apple’s CarPlay brings your iPhone’s apps directly to your car’s built-in dashboard. Use voice commands or buttons on the steering wheel and smart screen to do what you’d normally do with your phone. Although you should let your co-driver handle any processes that require your undivided attention, being able to take care of the little stuff via CarPlay helps you keep your eyes on the road.

CarPlay works natively in more than 800 car models, including EVs, hybrids, and traditional cars. And on the off-chance, your vehicle is not on the list, you can get CarPlay through an aftermarket system.

For the best user experience, please update to the latest app version

Check out Apple’s support article to learn how to set up CarPlay in your car and add Plugsurfing to your CarPlay app list.