Save 10% on charging at Powerdot Stations

Flowers are blooming, trees are blossoming — it is clear: Spring is in the air. And what better way to celebrate than by embarking on an eco-friendly journey with your electric vehicle? To sweeten your spring travels, our partner Powerdot is offering an amazing 10% discount from Monday, 3rd of June (00:01), until Sunday, 9th of June (23:59)

Read our blog post to find all the answers to your questions about this spring campaign!

How does it work?

Whether you want to spend your weekend hiking in the nearby mountains or drive for a picnic by the lake, our charging partner Powerdot will make your travels from Monday, 3rd of June (00:01), until Sunday, 9th of June (23:59) even more affordable.

All you have to do is charge at any of the Powerdot charging stations using the Plugsurfing app or any of our partner apps. You will get a 10% discount on the final energy price*. You can find the Powerdot stations by adding them as a preferred operator in the app.

*10% discount includes the final energy price & blocking fees at Powerdot stations. Check the up-to-date price in the Plugsurfing app. No additional discount will be added to the displayed in-app price, and the discount will not show separately on your receipt.


How to choose Powerdot as your preferred operator

The easiest way to find Powerdot’s charging point locations is to use our Preferred Operators feature.

Here’s how you can choose your preferred operators in the Plugsurfing app:

  1. Click on the toggle symbol at the bottom left corner of the charging map
  2. Under Additional settings, click on Preferred operators
  3. Use the toggles next to operator names to choose Powerdot.

The Powerdot charging stations will be marked with a little star in the app.


Your preferred operators will have a star next to their icon in the app.

What is Powerdot and where are they active?

Powerdot is one of our Charge Point Operators (CPOs). They have over 4.800 charging stations in France, Spain, Belgium, and Poland and bring EV charging to places you’d visit anyway. They design charging experiences that complement the user’s daily routines without wasting time. They work closely with supermarkets, specialized stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels.

What if there are no Powerdot stations nearby?

Powerdot doesn’t have charging stations in all European countries. They operate in France, Spain, Belgium, and Poland.

Why can’t I see how much I saved with this discount in my final invoice?

The final price you see in the app during the campaign period is the discounted price. No additional discount is added to the displayed in-app price, and the discount will not show separately on your receipt.

Will there be more discount campaigns in the future?

We know how important pricing is for our drivers. You want to charge at affordable prices while having access to a huge network. That is why we are putting an effort into having more discount campaigns with our charging partners. Make sure to read our email newsletter to get the newest info on our discounts.