Charge conveniently in 27 European countries

Charging your EV conveniently and reliably anywhere you go — that’s what Plugsurfing is creating every day. At the core is our charging network. By partnering with more than 500 international and local operators, Plugsurfing allows users to access over 650,000 charge points in 27 European countries. But what does this mean in practice?

“Our” charging network is growing

We like to make noise about the size of our charging network. But in reality, it’s a combination of partner networks that make that headline number.

Plugsurfing doesn’t own or operate any physical charging infrastructure. Instead, we bring together hundreds of operators and create handy tools for EV drivers to access their chargers. There’s no need to create a separate account with all 500+ charge point operators: access them all with a single app or charging card and find the ones that match your preferences.

Whether driving abroad or closer to home, we want drivers to have plenty of convenient chargers to choose from, and that they can easily charge at those locations. That’s why we aim to continually improve the network coverage. We’re constantly forging new partnerships with operators big and small. For example, this year we’ve grown our presence in the UK, thanks to new partnerships with major British charge point operators MFG and GRIDSERVE.

Naturally, our partners aren’t just resting on their laurels but building more charging capacity to meet the demand of rapidly electrifying European traffic and transportation. Together, we also work on making the data displayed on our apps and APIs super reliable.

Who is using our network?

There are more than 2 million drivers using the Plugsurfing network, and that number is rapidly growing. But the drivers charging with the Plugsurfing app are not the whole story. There are many partners that use our network and platform to power their own products.

One obvious example is the branded charging apps of the carmakers. We are working closely with manufacturers like Nissan, Jaguar, Land Rover, Polestar, and ZEEKR to give their EV drivers a superb charging experience. In addition to having access to a vast charging network, the drivers of our partner brands get to enjoy the nifty features that make the Plugsurfing app so convenient. We are also creating similar products for other emobility service providers, including car-sharing companies and charge point operators.

Aside from white-label solutions, we’ve put a lot of effort into our APIs. Through our developer platform and Drive API, companies can build tested and reliable EV charging capabilities on top of their existing products. You might not even know that you’re using the Plugsurfing network, as it’s often baked into car dashboards or parking services. One such example is our collaboration with a parking solution Parkopedia. Through the Drive API, Parkopedia brings our EV charging network to the vehicle’s dashboard and helps make it a natural extension of parking your car. In addition, Renault and NIO use Drive API to bring EV charging to their existing solutions.

What’s in it for the charge point operators?

Simply put, more charging sessions and visibility. More than 2 million users looking for a place to charge. Existing partnerships with leading car brands. Enough said?

Charge point operators can easily roam with us through various hubs, so the integration is very convenient and straightforward. You’ll find more information on our Charge Point Operators Solutions page.