Try the preferred operators feature with a 10% discount at Powerdot

All charge point operators are there to fill your battery and get you from A to B. But let’s face it: some of them are better than others. Whether it’s the reliability of information provided, pleasant charging locations, or competitive prices, some operators are truly exceptional.

In our recent update, we added a preferred operators feature to the Plugsurfing app. You can choose which operators to highlight on the charging map. And to test this feature, our charging partner Powerdot is giving you a 10 percent discount from 15th to 31st December 2023.

10% discount at Powerdot. Preferred operators have a star on the pins on the map.

Get 10% off when charging with Powerdot this December

We’re here to help you find chargers that truly match your needs. That’s why we’re super excited to roll out the preferred operators feature. We’re also pumped to highlight our charging partner Powerdot.

From 15th to 31st December, you’ll get 10 percent off the final energy price when you charge at Powerdot using Plugsurfing.*

Power your Christmas with Powerdot

Powerdot focuses on what’s known as “destination charging” in the industry talk. In other words, they’re bringing EV charging to places you’d visit anyway. So forget about finding things to do while you charge: with Powerdot, charging your car blends seamlessly with your life.

Whether you’re out shopping for a last-minute gift, taking a break from holiday cooking with a dinner at a restaurant, or staying overnight on your drive home for Christmas, Powerdot has you covered.


10% discount at Powerdot
Charge while you sleep.

Powerdot operates more than 4,000 charge points in France, Spain, Poland, and Belgium. The easiest way to find their locations is to use our new preferred operators feature. Check out the instructions below.

How to choose your preferred operators

You no longer need to go through every pin on the charging map to find the operators you like. Highlight your favorites using the map setting “Preferred operators”. The charging locations from these selected operators will be marked with a little star symbol.

Here’s how you can choose your preferred operators in the Plugsurfing app:

  1. Click on the toggle symbol at the bottom left corner of the charging map
  2. Under Additional settings, click on Preferred operators
  3. Use the toggles next to operator names to choose which you’d like to highlight

All operators not available as preferred operators

We work with more than 600 regional and local charge point operators. Displaying a full list in the app wouldn’t offer a great user experience. That’s why we show a shorter list, curated by us.

We’ve chosen these operators based on how reliable their data is. Accurate point of interest or POI data helps you choose when and where to charge: when the data is top-notch, you don’t have to worry about wrong addresses, broken chargers, or a seemingly available charger already being used by someone else.

If we’ve missed your favorite operator and would like to get them on the list, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with our support and we’ll take it from there.

*10% discount includes the final energy price & blocking fees at Powerdot stations. Check the up-to-date price in the Plugsurfing app. No additional discount will be added to the displayed in-app price, and the discount will not show separately on your receipt.