Xenia Antipova — Celebrating Plugsurfing's 2023 milestones and gearing up for 2024

At the start of last year, we pivoted our focus into improving Plugsurfing’s original mission—to provide drivers with the best network and service for charging their EV in public. As we look back, we’ve made huge strides toward this mission in the past year and are excited to build the best driver experience on the market going in 2024.

Year in review 2023 with Xenia Antipova, Head of Product at Plugsurfing

Huge boost from the V8 app

Plugsurfing’s foundation is set with an all-new version of the Plugsurfing app, Version 8. It’s been reworked from the ground up to help new drivers start charging more easily and bring greater value to early adopters. Early results from our research show that user registrations and activations are up 20 and 10 percent compared to Version 7, and 30 percent more users add payment methods to their accounts. Many more users now rate the app five stars, too.


User registration +20%, User activation +10%, 5-star ratings.

More efficient organization

Much of this work comes from a reorganization of our teams to expand in key areas like network, product development, and customer service. On the product side, we’re now able to offer subscriptions, giving more flexibility to our partners to customize their emobility service.

On the customer support side, our team put the driver experience front and center. The overall customer service experience was also much improved with a 24/7 hotline together with our partner EVA Global. Our team reduced tickets per active user by more than 70 percent and per session by over 50 percent.

Our network team doubled down on growing our roaming network, with our coverage in the UK dramatically improved and our Europe-wide network now totalling over 600,000 charge points. Charge point operators from the likes of Gridserve and MFG are now accessible to your drivers. And we’re really excited by the momentum going into the new year as we are set to build on the foundation we forged in 2023 to tailor our service to drivers of all kinds.

New features aimed at carmakers

We and our carmaker partners anticipate that the next wave of EV adopters will need services that better ease them into the EV ownership experience. So we’re working on new features tailored specifically to their needs. Plugsurfing’s newly-released route planner takes the hassle out of road trips, and we’re already developing our Plug&Charge solution to offer the most convenient public charging experience possible. These are the next steps in creating a more seamless and integrated public charging experience.


Plan your charging stops with Plugsurfing app's new route planner feature

A great route planner and Plug&Charge also require backend processes and POI data of pinpoint precision. So it’ll be the optimizations behind the scenes underway in the new year that will ultimately impact the driver experience the most. In the first quarter of next year, we’ll set out a strategic approach to improving the POI data quality on our platform. And we’ll spend the rest of the year refining our POI data based on this strategy. Much work will go into our tech stack to improve its function and processes, too.

Making the most of our network

The Plugsurfing network of over 600,000 charge points is the most important asset we provide drivers. Plugsurfing is all about being able to charge wherever you go across Europe and the UK, without fail. We also want to offer drivers the best value possible across our network. To do this, Plugsurfing will deepen its relationships with our existing CPO partners to bring offers, promotions, special pricing, and other benefits to drivers of all of the brands that we power.

600,000 charge points in Europe

These combined efforts will help us bring Plugsurfing to the interfaces of brands drivers know and love. We aim to integrate Plugsurfing into more diverse products and services such as parking and navigation while simultaneously improving Plugsurfing for our existing customers and partners.