Enjoy the brand-new Polestar Charge app and subscription

Plugsurfing has worked with Polestar since 2020. As an all-electric brand, Polestar is constantly looking for new ways to make EV charging even more easy, appealing, and intuitive for drivers.

We’re excited to announce the latest stage of this collaboration: the new Polestar Charge app. Complete with a subscription option and access to some of Europe’s top fast charger networks, it gives Polestar drivers some exclusive perks.

Save 30% with a subscription. Get the new Polestar Charge App today

Take advantage of the new Polestar Charge subscription

Want to enjoy the open road with your family? Need to crisscross the continent for work? Whether you’re driving for business or pleasure, the Polestar Charge subscription is a perfect solution for all the road trip lovers out there.

For every EV driver who spends a lot of time on the road, having access to fast chargers from some of Europe’s leading operators is a must. But you do even better. With the Polestar Charge subscription, you’ll get a 30% discount from the standard price in the app when charging with the following partners:

  • Allego
  • Fastned
  • Ionity
  • Recharge AS (Nordics)
  • Total Energies
30% discount with a subscription

We want to make the launch of Polestar Charge subscription extra special. Subscribe now for just one month at €3.99. Act fast, as this offer lasts until Thursday, February 29th.

Starting from Friday, March 1st, 2024, or when your one-month subscription ends, you can re-subscribe to continue to enjoy 30% cheaper charging at a regular subscription price of 13.99 per month. This will be billed monthly to your credit or debit card.

Go to the subscriptions section of your Polestar Charge app to take advantage of this offer.

NOTE: If you ordered your Polestar car before 31st January 2023, you are still entitled to your 12 months of €0.35 / kWh rate at IONITY chargers, starting from when your car was delivered. However, you can also take up the new subscription offer while your 12 months of discounted IONITY charging is still ticking. When charging with IONITY, you will automatically get the cheaper option, be it €0.35 per kWh rate or the 30% discount.

New features

Polestar Charge has a new name, logo, and look. But the new app version isn’t just a facelift but a complete rethink of many core functions. In addition, many new things help you choose where to charge:

You can save your favorite chargers. They’re highlighted on the map with a heart icon. Check the Popular times to plan your charging session. See a summary of your latest charging sessions.

Popular times

Knowing when the charger is usually busy helps you time your charging session more efficiently. Our app now shows you the day-by-day and hour-by-hour breakdown of how busy each charger is likely to be. Naturally, you’ll also see the real-time availability of each connector.

Favorite chargers

Do you often use the same charger? Save it on your favourite chargers list with a single tap. Next time, you’ll find it instantly and can conveniently check its availability.

Your charging history

The new activity tab shows you both a summary of your charging as well as detailed information about your recent charging sessions. Staying on top of your charging spending is another good reason to focus your EV charging in one app.

You can find detailed descriptions of the main features in the Plugsurfing V8 blog post.

Exclusively for Polestar drivers

To make sure all these goodies are reserved for people driving a Polestar, the app asks for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

VIN already taken? Get in touch with the Polestar Charge support to transfer the VIN over to your account.