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Read the story CPO Stories A day in a life of a charge point operator

EV drivers are all too familiar with how annoying it is to pull up to a charger that’s out of order or obstructed, especially when there’s no alternative nearby. To keep this from happening to drivers, charge point operators use management systems like the Plugsurfing Power Platform to ensure their chargers are online, operational, and delivering energy to drivers.

Read the story CPO Stories Elevating the charging point operator experience: An interview with Lena Myshelova, Design Lead at Plugsurfing

Our partners rely on well-designed products and services to run their business and day-to-day operations. Plugsurfing Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Megan Pini sat down with Lena Myshelova, who recently joined us as our Design Lead, to get to know her approach to user-centered design thinking. Lena feels business applications deserve a bigger emphasis on the customer experience and has big plans for taking the Plugsurfing Power Platform to the next level.

Read the story CPO Stories Reintroducing the Plugsurfing Power Platform

At the heart of our alliance, the Plugsurfing Power Platform serves charge point operators. Our backend is a tried-and-tested tool that allows charge point operators to remotely operate and manage their charging networks. We’d like to lift the hood and show what makes our Power Platform a unique tool for managing the entire life cycle of your charging point network.

Read the story CPO Stories Ignitis On: turning the Baltics into an EV forerunner

Ignitis supplies electricity and gas to 1.6 million business and private customers in Lithuania. The company currently operates both directly and through its subsidiaries in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Finland.

Read the story CPO Stories Plugsurfing is the alliance of emobility that transforms charging.

In 2012, when Plugsurfing first entered the market, electric cars were few and far between. Public charging was much more fragmented than the way it is now, so going for a trip outside town in an EV required careful planning.