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Year in review 2023 with Xenia Antipova, Head of Product at Plugsurfing Read the story CPO Stories Plugsurfing 2023 review & 2024 plans with Xenia Antipova

Plugsurfing’s Head of Product Xenia explains what we achieved last year and what we’re doing in 2024 to bring value to our drivers and partners alike.

10% discount at Powerdot. Preferred operators have a star on the pins on the map. Read the story CPO Stories Try the preferred operators, get a 10% discount at Powerdot

Our new Preferred Operators feature lets you highlight your favorite charge point operators on the charging map. To test this feature, our charging partner Powerdot is giving you a 10 percent discount from 15th to 31st December 2023.

Read the story Driver stories Plan your route & charging stops at 650,000 charge points with Plugsurfing

There’s no more need to use a separate app for planning where to charge on your way. After a long wait, we’re excited to introduce our latest feature: Plan your route and charging stops. Learn how we can help you power your trips, whether you’re going to a neighboring city or driving across the continent.

Read the story CPO Stories Charge conveniently in 27 European countries

We partner with more than 500 international and local operators. This way drivers, carmakers, and emobility service providers can access over 650,000 charge points in 27 European countries. But what does this in practice?

EV winter tips - How to drive and charge your electric car in cold weather Read the story Driver stories 5 pro tips: How to drive and charge your EV in winter

Sub-zero temperature isn’t a friend of your EV battery. To help you tackle the coldest time of the year with confidence, we’ve asked our fellow Plugsurfers for some pro tips for driving and charging your car in winter.

An interview with Backend Developer Ryszard Grodzicki Read the story CPO Stories POI data enrichment with Ryszard Grodzicki

Our Lead Developer Ryszard Grodzicki shares his insights on some of the POI data quality issues and how POI data enrichment creates better charging solutions for our drivers and partners alike.

Working together - How to engage your drivers with Plugsurfing Read the story OEM Stories How to engage your drivers with Plugsurfing

Use Plugsurfing to deliver extra value to your drivers, keeping them happy and loyal. Here's how to guide your drivers to charge with you, give them reasons to stay, and ensure these benefits reach the right people.

Read the story CPO Stories Simplify Your Autumn Roadtrips with Plugsurfing Version 8 and 550,000 Charge Points

Plugsurfing is back with a brand new and improved version of our charging app, and it's here to make your EV charging journey smoother and more enjoyable, whether you're a tech-savvy pro or just getting started on your electric adventure.

Read the story OEM Stories ZEEKR partners with Plugsurfing for its EV charging service as ‘ZEEKR Charge’ in Europe

ZEEKR CHARGE is built-off of Plugsurfing’s white label offering and will come with automated onboarding campaigns and custom in-app illustrations to ease ZEEKR drivers into the EV ownership experience. Plugsurfing will provide premium 24/7 customer service for ZEEKR drivers via its partner EVAssist.